Fan Reviews

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The book was compelling with flowing descriptions that pulled me in. Woven into the narrative is a detailed history of early Idaho homesteading which winds to the present with interesting twists and turns. As Anna bridges the gap, we learn about ourselves as well. Fun. Barbara H

Oh Ann, just loved your book. I love the way you write and I couldn’t put it down. You know there’s so much of you in the book. You too have shown courage in finding your way. Just really enjoyed “Anna’s Journey.” — Sara B.
This novel portrays the life journey and oddessy of love, loss and epiphany. The storyteller's voice is authentic and reveals an honesty that is both raw and eye opening. If you read this novel, you will feel a sense of familiarity with the narrator; she is a friend, a sister, a colleague or your alter ego possibly. If you have ever had a sense that your hidden story lies beneath the surface of what you are willing to reveal, then open these pages and live vicariously. The author is your sister, or she is your BFF from high school. You will feel at home and feel a sense of a story that rings true in these pages. — DeeAnn S.

This was such a quick read. Ann Hellewell created a wonderful character in one of the most genuine and moving stories of self realization in recent American fiction. It is an existential journey through personal tragedy that is intelligently and courageously written. — Ashley H.